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Prescription by Post Service


Controlled drug – a medicine whose supply is restricted by law. We cannot supply these by post. Examples of controlled drugs include Methadone, Amphetamines and Morphine.

Dispense – this is the act of supplying medicine from your prescription

Fridge lines – medicines which need to be kept refrigerated

High Street Pharmacy – a shop which dispenses medicines

Medicine – something, usually a drug, used to treat injury or illness. Examples of medicines include Aspirin, Antibiotics and Viagra.

National Pharmaceutical Association – a professional association for pharmacists. We are a member of this group.

NHS Prescription – an order for medicine to be supplied, written on an NHS green form. A standard fee is payable for the medicines to be supplied, although some people do not have to pay.

Online Pharmacy – a website which dispenses medicines

Pharmacist – someone qualified to dispense medicines

Prescription – a written order for medicine to be supplied

Private Prescription (Private medicine) – an order for medicine to be supplied, written on headed paper. You will have to pay for medicines supplied in this way.

Spam – Unsolicited bulk or commercial email, commonly known as junk mail.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain – a professional body which regulates the industry of pharmacists. We are a member of this body and obey their rules.

UK registered prescriber – someone officially entitled to write prescriptions, such as your G.P.

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